An innovative book that travels from person to person.

Message in a book is a storybook geared towards women with some blank spaces for writing down messages. Choose a friend and write down the good things about her and the reasons why you enjoy her friendship before sending it. The person who receives the book can enjoy both the story and the heart-warming messages from her friends. Another sweet message for the next person will be added to the book and it will continue traveling and bringing sweet thoughts to others.

The “Traveling Book” carries love inside that will surprise and touch people’s hearts

The philosophy of this book is to remind us that we are all humans living on Earth and that we all have special connections to other people. Your beautiful thoughts about your friend will shine more and more as they travel from person to person. Before long, you’ll notice that every person is special to someone. The book you passed on to your wonderful friend will eventually reach someone you have never met and somewhere you have never been.